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MPavilion 2018, Carme Pinós of Estudio Carme Pinós
photo John Gollings

What's on

CPD - Gold Medal Series: Peter Wilson Fri 26 Jul

CPD - Daniel Flood - Architectural Visualisation Thu 8 Aug

CPD - NCC Series: Fire 
Thu 15 Aug

Victorian Chapter Events


CPD Event: Gold Medal Series - Peter Wilson

"Acupuncture in Albania or making it up as you go along"
A recent review of projects in Korçë, Albania and how a series of small-scale interventions and large-scale thinking can impact on a provincial centre in an emerging European country.

Register here

: Fri 26 Jul, 12:30pm - 2pm
Where: Australian Institute of Architects, Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street Melbourne

CPD Event: Daniel Flood - The real, the illustrated & the photo-real

Parallel Practice CPD Series: Architectural Visualisation


This seminar will look at what forms the nature of image/immersion/narrative expectation as well as how changing technology has reformulated these expectations of the past century.

Register here

: Thu 8 Aug, 12pm - 1:30pm
Where: Australian Institute of Architects, Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street Melbourne

CPD Event: NCC Series - Fire

Architect / ˈɑːkɪtɛkt / noun / 1. a person who designs structures that don’t fall down

In addition to designing structures we all want to live in, architects were historically responsible for structural engineering, fire safety, town planning and project management. What’s changed? In this 2 hour session, two respected non-architects will explain why it’s important for architects to understand the National Construction Code of Australia, what architects need to know about the code, and how Performance-Based design can be used to support architectural goals.

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: Thu 15 Aug, 12pm-2pm
Where: Australian Institute of Architects, Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street Melbourne

Webinar: Lessons from Aboriginal Geographers

This webinar will unpack the many profound layers of traditional Aboriginal geography ranging from desert to coastal environments. Topics included in this webinar encompass (1) the oral tradition of Aboriginal geography; (2) geographic classification of country; (3) on the nature of the Dreamtime; (4) navigation in the desert; (5) marine geography; (6) mental storage of maps; (7) invisible properties of place; (8) receiving knowledge from story places; and (9) Aboriginal identity and place.

Register here

: Mon 19 Aug, 12pm-1pm
Where: online

Regional CPD - Phillip Island: Penguin Parade Presentation & Tour

TERROIR’s Scott Balmforth is delighted to be able to provide a presentation on the background and development and host a tour of the recently opened new Penguin Parade Visitor Centre.

This event is sponsored by the Built Environment Channel.

Register here

: Fri 23 Aug, 11:45am - approx. 2:30pm
Where: Penguin Parade, Phillip Island