MPavilion 2015, Sean Godsell Architects
photo Earl Carter

Victorian Chapter Events


National Seminar Series: Drop In, Chill Out

This National Seminar Series will provide a refresher on the work health and safety legislation in relation to designer responsibilities and discuss how designers can achieve a safe design approach in their projects. By understanding the issues and challenges of the construction project and the ongoing use of the structure, architects have the ability to provide innovative solutions to these challenges. Register here.

When: Monday 26 March, 11.00am (Melb and Livestream)
Where: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000

ArchiTECH: Fireplace Specifications 

At this ArchiTECH event, Jetmaster Heat & Glo will provide technical background and specification information related to fireplace selection and installation including: building and gas code requirements, configuring flue runs, appropriate cladding selection and current trends in fireplace design and installation. Register here.

When: Thursday 12 April, 12-1.30pm
Where: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000

Going Underground

Going Underground - is exploring the ways people are solving energy issues by utilising the existing natural elements. The first session will investigate geothermal energy, shallow geothermal heat transfer and decoupled thermal mass storage systems currently being used in Victoria. The second session will cover environmental management plans and what it means to be carbon negative. Register here.

When: Tue 24 April & Wed 2 May, 12-2.00pm
Where: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000

Managing Complex Contracts

This event will cover the common contracts used by Large Practices. The role of the architect varies considerably between these contracts and during the administration process itself.  Our experienced practioners will discuss key issues with the scope of services, protecting design and different contractual conditions. The second session of the workshop will be more interactive working through key contractual aspects identifying what to add into contracts and clauses to be aware of. Register here.

When: Tue 8 & Wed 16 May, 12-2.00pm
Where: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000

Upselling Architecture

Join us at the Upselling Architecture event to understand how architecture firms have adapted how they do business in the construction industry. This event looks at diversification options, researching the market, how to restructure your business processes, apply your new business strategy and market yourself in your new capacity. The intent is to inspire architects to make architecture a profitable and a formidable profession by improving the current process and using innovative solutions. Register here

When: Wed 30 May & Tue 12 June, 12-2.00pm
Where: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000

The Procurement Puzzle

Acumen states 'Procurement is the act or process of bringing about or bringing into existence buildings'. Simple, right? For our medium and larger sized practices this can be a complicated, competitive process. Our experts will discuss the various procurement methods, what to watch out for and how to make the process a little less gruelling. Over the two sessions they will talk about: managing contractors and procuring projects via Design and Construct contracts, Novation, Construction Management, Tenders, Panels, Alliances, Joint Ventures and Competitions. Register here.

When: Wednesday 18 & 25 July, 12-2.00pm
Where: Level 2, 41 Exhibition Street, Melbourne, 3000