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About the Queensland Chapter

The Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects represents the Institute's interests and conducts its business in Queensland.

Queensland Chapter Staff

Message from Mell Greenall Executive Director - QLD

9 October 2017

Non-Conforming Building Products – Aluminium Composite Panel

The AIA is assisting the State Government Task Force on the non-compliant and non-combustible facade issue.
There are two parts to this .
1.    identifying existing buildings for unsafe conditions and 
2.    getting an understanding of current Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) supply chain from manufacturers to retailers identifying the core composition particularly polyethylene core.
In the first the task force are well advanced in identifying government buildings where they may be an issue and there is testing of existing façade material underway. There is also investigation of potential safety measures that may mitigate the use of materials that have varying levels of fire resistance. Privately owned buildings are a totally different problem. We may be asked to help in this area in the future
The second issue
AIA have been asked to assist in identifying ACP panel suppliers that are in prominent use in the Queensland market place.  The Task Force will then have a better idea of the testing and certification issues that need to be addressed.
There is a current recommendation for the banning of importation and use of ACP with PE core. This does not recognize the difference in the building code between where cladding is required to be non-combustible and areas where there are no stipulations. This was one of 8 recommendations form the 6th September Senate Report. Could I please ask members to email me wich suppliers/manufacturers you have utilised for specifying ACP product? This will assist in our role with the state govt taskforce to identify the prominent ACP suppliers in the QLD market. .

If you could email me your ACP supplier/manufacturer list by COB Friday 13th October that would be much greatly appreciated: melissa.greenall@architecture.com.au

Department of Education and Training  - Master Planning Tender

The chapter became aware of significant flaws on the contract requirements being asked for in the recent DET Master plan tender. We raised these with the State Govt and are very pleased that our concerns were acknowledged and there have been significant amendments to the SOA:

•    Part B – SOA Details: General SOA Information – Item 12: Security Requirements : A performance guarantee is no longer required for this Invitation.

•    Part B – SOA Details: Section 2: Terms and Conditions of the SOA and Contract: Item 2.5: Contract Conditions: The applicable terms and conditions for the supply of the Services to a Customer under this SOA (i.e. the Contract) are the General Conditions of Contract for Consultants and the Special Conditions of Contract & Annexure (please refer to the Attachments included within this email). 

In the event where there is a conflict between the General Conditions of Contract for Consultants and the Special Conditions of Contract and Annexure, the Special Conditions of Contract and Annexure take precedence.

Please note that the Comprehensive Contract Conditions are no longer applicable for this Invitation to Offer.  

•    Part B – SOA Details: Section 2: Terms and Conditions of the SOA and Contract: Item 2.6: Contract Conditions Additions/Departures: There are no additions/departures that will apply to the Contract established under the SOA.

Please refer to the revised version of DET86684 SOA – Part B – SOA Details, to review the amendments mentioned above.


Mell Greenall
Executive Director, QLD


Mell Greenall
Executive Director 
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History of the Queensland Chapter

The Queensland Institute of Architects was founded in 1888. The highly esteemed architect Francis DG Stanley became the foundation president and continued in that position until 1890. He served as the Institutes vice-president from 1890 to 1896. One of the Institutes early actions was to come to an agreement with the Queensland Master Builders’ Association about standard conditions of contract that were to remain in use until 1914.

Following the establishment of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects on August 18th, 1930 the Queensland Institute ceased and the Queensland Chapter Council of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects took up the succession under the presidency of Vincent Price.

The following document was graciously compiled and supplied by Associate Professor Peter Skinner FRAIA.