Garden Gallery by panovscott Architects

Garden Gallery by panovscott Architects
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Champions of Change

The Male Champions of Change (MCC) strategy is a global coalition of men advocating for gender equality. The first MCC peer group began in 2010 with new groups forming across different organisations, sectors and geographies every year, including architecture. 

The Architects Male Champions of Change mission is to step up beside women in architecture to achieve a significant and sustainable increase of women in leadership for the profession. Directors from nine large architectural firms have committed to advance gender equity in their practice and will continue to advocate for change in the architectural profession and industry.

The Architects Male Champions of Change Group was established in March 2015 and has undertaken a successful program of work designed to proactively achieve a significant and sustainable increase of women in leadership roles in the architectural profession. 

Current Architects Male Champions of Change

• Joe Agius, COX

• Simon Parsons, PTW 

• Shaun Carter, Carter Williamson

• Adam Haddow, SJB Architects

• Brian Clohessy, BVN

• Philip Vivian, Bates Smart

• Gerard Cocoran, HASSELL

• John Prentice, Woods Bagot                  

• Paul Brace, CRONE


Program outcomes

The Architects Male Champions of Change 2015-17 Progress Report details the Champions' objectives and achievements.  From their research, the group has developed a suite of guidelines for sharing with the wider profession to assist other practices in improving gender equity. These include:

All Roles Flex 1: Implementation Guideline

An implementation guide for practices to assist with working through common issues when developing a bespoke approach to flexibility

All Roles Flex 2 – All Roles Flex Template

A sample flexibility template to short-cut developing a bespoke approach to flexibility

Authentic Engagement

Authentic Engagement is a practical approach to develop meaningful networks and build the profile of employees at every stage of their career

Leadership Shadow

A summary of the Male Champions of Change and Chief Executive Women 360 leadership review process which aims to build leadership awareness of the role they play and the impact they have on gender diversity

Looking ahead

2019 will see Architects Male Champions of Change working on further initiatives that they hope to share with the wider profession – most notably development of a charter/code of conduct to drive respectful workplace behaviours aligned to MCC principles in conjunction with building and property development industry stakeholders.

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Watch the video introduction to the Architects Male Champions of Change

Gender Equity Taskforce

The NSW Gender Equity Taskforce (GET) was established in 2012 to support the implementation of gender equity within the NSW Chapter of the Institute. A taskforce branch of NSW Chapter Council, the committee comprises Institute members of various ages and gender from a range of practice size, academia, government and development.

GET is currently seeking expressions of interest for new members. Apply now!

Alongside developing policy and promoting best practice within the profession, GET continues to initiate a range of events and programs including: 

  • International Women’s Day Breakfast: an annual event providing a platform for recipients of the Marion Mahony Griffin Prize for women in architecture to share their professional experiences and insight
  • Architects Male Champions of Change programAdvocating for gender equality in practice
  • GET TogetherFostering new connections, providing insights and practical advice for working parents and carers.
  • GET Talking: Providing practical insights and advice on implementing equity initiatives in practice.
  • Participate: A 2017 National Conference workshop for a collective agenda for the future of gender equity advocacy in collaboration with Parlour

 NSW Gender Equity Taskforce Members:

• Natalie Lane-Rose, Citta (Co-Chair)  
• Monica Edwards, SJB (Co-Chair)
• Samyuktha Pillai, HASSELL
• Shaun Carter, Carter Williamson Architects
• Maryam Gusheh, UNSW • David Tickle, HASSELL
• Callantha Brigham, Paramatta City Council
• Chris Major, Welsh + Major Architects
   (National Committee for Gender Equity)