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New Acton South, Fender Katsalidis

New Acton South, Fender Katsalidis
photo John Gollings

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24 July 2019

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28 July 2019




Diverse Equitable Employment and Practice (DEEP)


April 2019: Surveying Equitable Employment Changes

The Diverse Equitable Employment and Practice group are going to be talking to firms who attended the DEEP Booklet Launch about 12 months ago in the hope of reporting change that has been implemented in ACT practices since the event. 

12 months ago the ACT DEEP Task force (Diverse Equitable Employment and Practice) held a breakfast with 19 directors from the largest architectural practices in the ACT, with the intent of creating the tools and momentum for change amongst this local leadership group. It's time for us to follow up with this local leadership group to measure equitable employment improvements made in our local architecture community.

The DEEP task force formed with the goal of reducing barriers to engaging with, and implementing, the research and guidelines produced by the national Parlour group. The result is a short booklet which introduces key issues, presents local stories from our architecture community, prompts objective reflection and analysis of practice, and provides immediately actionable steps that firms can take.

Each director was presented with a full copy of the Parlour Guidelines, and a copy of the 'Get DEEP' Booklet, and were taken through the booklet, stories, and exercises provided.

The event concluded with directors sharing some of their firm's identified strengths, opportunities for improvements, and goals set, as a result of the workshop. The most popular self-identified strengths related to flexible employment options and a balance of female representation in the office. In contrast, the common themes identified as opportunities for improvement and goal setting related to creating office pay scales to address pay inequity, improving staff performance review systems and management of career progression, and better managing employee workloads and overtime.

We’re also on the lookout for new task force members. We operate on projects, rather than like a traditional committee, so if you have an equity passion project idea or are keen to help out, please email to find out more.

April 2018
(Click image to download the getDEEP booklet)

getDEEP is produced by the Diverse Equitable Employment and Practice (DEEP) task-force, Australian Institute of Architects, ACT Chapter and is intended as an introduction to some of the resources, research and expertise available on issues of equitable practice.

Parlour and The Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice

The Institute's HR+
The Institute's Gender Equity Committee
The Fair Work Ombudsman
The Human Rights Commission

The getDEEP booklet has been presented to local practices and employees in a useful format to encourage engagement with the material.