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Tasmanian Council & committees

This page has information on Tasmanian Chapter Council, committees, forums, office holders and fellows. For information on council or committee business, please contact the Tasmanian Chapter office.

Chapter Council

The Institute's business in Tasmania is managed by the Tasmanian Chapter Council. The Chapter President is the National Councillor elected by the Tasmanian members.

Chapter Council members
Members of the Chapter Council for 2018 are:  
Yvette Breytenbach


Jason Licht
Vice President / EmAGN rep (EAT)


Brad Wheeler
Immediate Past President

Sophie Bence
Shane Cox
Richard Crawford
Cath Hall

Simone James
Genevieve Lilley
Carly McMahon
Gaetano Palmese
Paul Wakelam
Andrew Williamson
Ishka Heart
Student rep (SONA)

Committees & forums

The Tasmanian Chapter has a number of committees which organise activities such as assisting with the Tasmanian State Architecture Awards, through to writings citations for significant 20th century buildings and meeting with the Minister on matters of policy.

Significant Architecture Committee (in recess)

Chaired by Paul Johnston, this group seeks to promote significant Tasmanian buildings from every era to the National Estate Register. Currently, this committee consists of a working group who are collating citations for significant 20th century buildings in Tasmania.

Paul Johnston (chair) 
Genevieve Lilley

Continuing Professional Development Committee

The Tasmanian CPD Committee is chaired by Tram Tran. It considers issues around policy relating to CPD, reviews policy and makes recommendations. The committee is also concerned with the development and review of CPD events held in the Tasmanian Chapter.

Tram Tran (chair)
Keith Drew
Ian Johnston
Andrew McCreary
Jonathon Pyefinch

Education Committee

Chaired by Andrew Williamson, the Education Committee considers issues relating to architectural education, spanning the life of an architecture career. A central function of this committee is to coordinate the Interim Review Panel that under take the accreditation process of the UTAS Architecture and Design programs, the Masters of Architecture and the Bachelor of Environmental Design.

Andrew Williamson (chair)
Daniel Lane
Carly McMahon
Nikki Nolan

Practice Committee

Shane Cox chairs the Tasmanian Practice Committee which considers matters relating to the practice of architecture, particularly in Tasmania. Further, the Practice Committee develops and recommends CPD sessions for members related to practice issues.

Shane Cox (chair)
Peter Gaggin
Andrew Grimsdale
Andrew Shurman
Martin Simpson
Mike Verdouw

Sustainability Committee

Placing sustainability at the core of architects’ practices and professional responsibilities is the agenda of the Sustainability Committee chaired by Detlev Geard. The committee does research and develops policies, regulations, practices, products, curricula, services, standards, contracts and other mechanisms that will facilitate the implementation of sustainability.

Detlev Geard (chair)
Riq de Carvalho
Mark Dewsbury
Stephen Geason
John Latham
Hugh Maguire
Johann Potgieter
Steven Spizick

The Findlay Project (Women in Architecture Committee)

The Findlay Project hosts a series of events and activities that highlight the role of women in architecture in Tasmania, strengthening the profession through fostering connections. This committee is chaired by Sophie Bence.

Sophie Bence:
Yvette Breytenbach
Genevieve Lilley
Helen Norrie
Bek Verrier

EmAGN Committee (EAT)

Chaired by Jason Licht, the Emerging Architects + Graduates Network (EmAGN) / Emerging Architects Tasmania (EAT) Committee provides networking opportunities for emerging architects in Tasmania and hosts regular architecture events.

Jason Licht  
Cyrus Chan
Rachel Englund
Andrew Kerr
Carly McMahon
Fiona McMullen
Sam McQueeney
Bee Newman
Erin Rockcliffe
Matt Sansom
Chris Shurman
Ryan Tubby

Tasmanian Architecture Awards Working Group

The Tasmanian Architecture Awards Working Group oversees the administration of the annual architecture awards, including the production of the awards exhibition and presentation dinner.

David Button
Rachel Englund
Neal Mackintosh
Gaetano Palmese
Craig Rosevear
Matt Sansom
Bek Verrier
Fred Ward


Open House Hobart Working Group

The Open House Hobart Working Group oversees the organisation, administration and delivery of the public architecture event Open House Hobart and associated activities.

Nicky Adams
Helen Coad
Joanne Hickman
Paul Johnston
Eleanor Laud
Jason Licht
Shamus Mulcahy
Natasha Newman
Tasman Smith

Online nomination & voting

At the appropriate time members may nominate and, if a ballot is necessary, vote for:

  • Chapter Council
  • Chapter President
  • Nationally Elected Council Members
  • International Area Committee Members

Only eligible members may participate.

The Australian Institute of Architects' Online Nomination and Voting Service complies with the Institute's regulations for elections.

For support and assistance using this system please contact the Executive Support Team on or (02) 6121 2000.

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