2018 Speaker bios and topics

Kerstin Thompson 
Principal, Kerstin Thompson Architects
Kerstin's focus is on architecture as a civic endeavor with an emphasis on the users’ experience and enjoyment of place. In addition to higher density housing projects, her current work includes the Broadmeadows Town Hall and a new Arthur Boyd Gallery.

Kerstin will address:
•  Rethinking ways of working
•  Recalibrating site 
•  Regenerating buildings and landscapes

Directors Chris Gilbert, Chris Haddad, Josh FitzGerald and Jon Kaitler strive for affordable, responsive architecture that contributes to the public domain through innovative design that focuses on material honesty, thermal performance and constructability.

Archier will present on:
•  The pitfalls of social media
•  The impact and opportunities of disruptive technologies and BIM 
•  The regionalism and narrative that drives Archier's practice approach

Ashley Dunn and Lee Hillam 
Co-directors, Dunn and Hillam 
Established in 2001, Dunn & Hillam work on cultural, community, commercial and residential projects throughout Australia. They believe in architecture as an agent for positive change and are involved in teaching, advocacy and architecture and design culture generally. 

Ashley and Lee will discuss:
•  Why they practice and what else architects can do
•  Working remotely from the city 
•  Projects in Alice Springs NT and regional and rural NSW

Bill McCorkell 
Principal, Archiblox
Fourth generation builder, second generation architect and first generation manufacturer, Bill's passion for the environment in both its built and natural form culminated in the creation of Archiblox, a sustainable prefabricated building business he founded in 2011. 

Bill will address:
• Prefabricated building technologies 
• How to manage an in-house multi-disciplinary approach to design and construction
• The zero carbon house and its success 
• Site activation through pop-up stores

Ben Edwards
Principal, Studio Edwards

Ben established Studio Edwards in 2016 to bring together architecture, interiors and conceptual design with a dedication to pushing these disciplines in innovative and unexpected directions. His work is defined by responses that employ inventive solutions to complex situations and challenging budgets.

Ben will talk about:
• Studio practice structure and ways of working
• Re-thinking project procurement
• Creativity as connection of networks

Chris Tucker 
Head of Architecture, University of Newcastle and principal, herd 
Always working between practice and research, Chris has been awarded regional, state and international prizes for architecture, and his buildings and designs have been exhibited and published locally and internationally.

Chris will discuss:
• Students' participation in Alice Springs town camp projects with Tangentyere Design
• Impacts for Indigenous residents 
• The town camp as a form of urbanism

Emma Guthrey 
Director, herd
Emma works on community-based projects who works on community-based projects as part of her role as out(fit) coordinator. assisting other non-profits in improving the places they work to benefit them and the community they work with. She tutors in design at the University of Newcastle, where she also co-project manages the ‘Honeysuckle Placemaking Project’ and ‘Practice Matters’ talk series initiatives/research projects. 

Emma will present on:
• The out(fit) program and working in the non-profit area 
• Gender equity in design and construction  
• Working for the 97% - Architecture as a broad church 


Harley Graham 
Principal, Harley Graham Architects
After working at Studio Daniel Libeskind on large mixed use and cultural projects in Bern, London and New York, Harley founded Harley Graham Architects(HGA) in Berlin, and soon after, slowly came of age in Byron Bay. With a strong focus on sustainability and creativity within coastal environments, HGA loves collaborating, creating buildings and spaces around them, using natural materials and arguing about design.

Harley will address:
• Forms of collaboration in contemporary architectural practice
• Creative and technological issues and opportunities of partnering
• How collaboration can enable rethinking, recalibrating and regenerating in practice

Katharina Hendel & Brent Dunn 
Founded in 2009 Brent Dunn and Katharina Hendel, Takt works from a self-built studio in the Illawarra escarpment, overlooking the coal coast, south of Sydney. Takt was formed to create meaningful buildings that enhance lives, age gracefully and explore the possibilities of site, light, sustainability, material and desire.

Katharina and Brent will address:
 • The unique challenges faced by a regional studio
 • Projects that moved the direction of the practice, as well as side tracks, branches and dead ends
 • Learning lessons from the analysis of a past projects

Poppy Taylor and Matthew Hinds
Taylor and Hinds Architects
Founded in 2010, Taylor and Hinds has established a leading national reputation for work that is strategic, technically rigorous and experientially rich. Mat and Poppy gained extensive local and international design and procurement experience, working on locally and nationally awarded residential, heritage, commercial, tourism and hospitality projects. 

Poppy and Mat will discuss:
• The shifting context in which architecture operates – and has it ever operated otherwise?
• 'Evolution’ as the engine of architecture, defined as a process of manifesting limits
• Fostering an awareness of practice as an intelligence that is cultivated personally, professionally, regionally and globally